Is LASIK Covered By Private Health Insurance in Ontario?

If you’re thinking about getting the LASIK procedure, you’re probably wondering if your health insurance will cover any of the costs. While publicly provided OHIP insurance does not cover LASIK, there are some options from private insurance and other employer provided benefits that may be of help.

Limited Personal Supplementary Insurance Available

Unfortunately, most employer-provided health insurance plans in Canada do not cover LASIK eye surgery. However, at the time of this writing, there are several personal private insurance plans that partially cover LASIK. For example, some insurance plans offer coverage up to $250 per person every 2 years which can be applied to laser eye surgery. This kind benefit is probably not worth the cost of the insurance premiums on their own, but if you are taking advantage of these plans for other benefits as well, it may be a good investment.

Ask Your Employer About Health Spending Accounts

While employer insurance plans themselves don’t typically cover LASIK, some employers do offer Health Spending Accounts (HSAs). HSAs provide a fixed sum each year that employees can spend on any health or dental expenses that are considered tax deductible by the Canada Revenue Agency. The good news is that the list of eligible expenses includes LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK Financing & Discounts Can Help When Insurance Doesn’t

If your employer does not offer a Health Spending Account or other insurance coverage, you still have options to help afford LASIK surgery. For example, Corvue is currently offering a chance to save up to $800 off your LASIK procedure with our See Clearly Event. We also offer flexible financing that can let you pay for the procedure overtime with payments as low as $50 a month.

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