Restoring Clear Vision

Cataracts don't discriminate; they happen to almost everyone as they age and can develop rapidly or gradually. But cloudy or blurred vision doesn't have to interfere with your quality of life. Our surgeon uses state-of-the-art technology to provide quick and effective cataract removal procedures. Not only can the surgery remove cataracts, but it can also correct a range of refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.



Cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and most people return to their normal activities within a week of treatment. The duration of the surgery is approximately 20 minutes per eye.

Here's what's involved:

Cataract removal
After a numbing treatment is applied, a small incision is made in the side of the cornea. The incision is so small that it usually heals itself. Then, ultrasound waves break up the clouded lens to remove it.

Lens insertion 
The surgeon inserts an intraocular lens (IOL) through the small incision to restore vision. Once inserted, the IOL opens and unfolds, which keeps it securely in place. 

Voila! Vision restored 
Once the cataract is removed, and the IOL is securely placed, light can travel to the back of your eye. Recovery is quick and generally occurs within a few days. 

Are you a candidate?

Cataract symptoms include:
Blurry or clouded vision, Seeing double, Decreased night vision, Halos form around lights, Light sensitivity, Prescription changes, Colours appear dull or muted

If you have any of these symptoms, ask your primary eye care professional for a referral to Corvue.


Your surgeon:
Dr. Fava

An ophthalmologist specializing in corneal surgery at the Hamilton Regional Eye Institute, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and an assistant clinical professor of surgery at McMaster University.

Our clinic

A full suite of state-of-the-art technology used for diagnosis, treatment and post-op care for out-patient corneal procedures with hospital patient follow-up.

A teacher to future surgeons

Dr. Fava brings expertise to the classroom and operating room at McMaster University, mentoring future surgeons.