See your future.
Without glasses or contacts.

Laser eye surgery using bladefree wavefront iLASIK technology is a virtually painless procedure that can give you the freedom to live life without glasses or contacts. It's a transformation that will literally help you see the world differently. And we're here to help you get there. Custom results. Quick recovery time. Complete pre- and post-op care. It's time to break free.

Broken glasses

6 really good reasons to choose Corvue for your LASIK procedure

A decision to make permanent changes to your vision isn't one to enter into lightly. Research the clinic you're considering. Research the technology that's being used for your procedure. Meet your surgeon. And ask tough questions. Then relax—because if you've done your homework, LASIK may well be the best decision you ever make.

Dr. Fava had lasik himself

There’s nothing more important to a surgeon than vision, so there’s no stronger vote of confidence for the technology than a surgeon who’s had the procedure.

Our technology is NASA-approved

Astronauts and fighter pilots can only have bladeless wavefront-guided LASIK procedures, and that's the technology we use for every procedure. It's the safest, and gets custom results.

Your procedure is done by a corneal surgeon

LASIK is corneal surgery, so the most qualified person to perform it is a corneal surgeon with experience in a range of corneal procedures.

We treat you like a person, not a prescription.

There’s no one-size-fits-all or pre-packaged approach to LASIK at Corvue. Dr. Fava wants to understand your goals and expectations, so he can customize a solution just for you.

Surgeons. Not salespeople.

At Corvue, you see the same surgeon for your free consultation, your procedure and your post-op care. That way you get the best continuity of care.

LASIK isn't the only thing we do.

Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. At Corvue, your care is in the hands of a specialist qualified to determine what's best for your eyes.

Are you a LASIK candidate?

Most of us are well-suited to blade-free laser vision correction. But not all of us. Find out if you are.


Be glasses-free for less than the price of a Coffee a day.

These are your eyes, and this is corneal surgery—not exactly a procedure you want to buy at a discount. But even with that in mind, we understand that clients are concerned about how much LASIK surgery costs.



Our prices are comparable to the prices quoted by other area LASIK providers for their best level of care and best technology. The major difference is that we don’t offer anything less than the best. We offer blade-free wavefront-guided iLASIK and this is an approach we believe in very strongly.


The good news is we offer an excellent financing program through Medicard, Canada's patient financing company. You can finance a portion of your LASIK procedure or the whole surgery, with payment terms from 6 months to 6 years. We’ve had clients with monthly payments as low as $50! You can also claim LASIK as a medical expense on your taxes.

8 questions surgeon

6 questions to ask when choosing a LASIK surgeon

Not all LASIK clinics are created equal. Find a good fit for you with these 6 questions.


Blade or blade-free:
The Lasik debate

We're definitely on the side of blade-free LASIK procedures, and here's why.

Lasik after forty

Lasik after 40:
Pros and cons

Want to see up close and far away after 40? It's possible with monovision LASIK.

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