How to Cover LASIK Cost in Ontario (2024)

We believe that the best investments are the ones that improve your overall quality of life.The things that bring you the greatest enjoyment over the long term.

For some that might be a new car, a kitchen remodel, or even a pair of designer shoes. Of course these choices make sense. After all, these are things you’ll use every day. 

And the more you use things that you love, the more you’ll enjoy them, right? This is exactly how we feel about improving your eyesight. Imagine waking up in the not-too-distant-future, and opening your eyes to crystal clear vision. 

No more fumbling around to find your glasses. No more spending money on contact lenses and solutions. Clearly, this would be a major quality-of-life upgrade for many people. And with typical costs around $5,000, you can enjoy the benefits of LASIK for a fraction of the price of a remodeled kitchen or a shiny BMW. 

That being said, we know that this is still going to be a major investment for many people.

That’s why Corvue LASIK clinic in Hamilton, Ontario is now offering options to help make LASIK more affordable.

Finance from $50 per month

Imagine you could get crystal clear vision for the price of two monthly streaming subscriptions? Or about the same price as getting a weekly mocha latte? With Corvue’s financing partner you can! Medicard by iFinance lets you apply in minutes. Just answer a few simple questions and you will find out if you qualify without any effect on your credit score. Learn more about financing.

See what your benefits cover

The truth is that not all benefit plans cover LASIK because it is currently viewed as an elective procedure by many insurance companies. However some providers do offer coverage. You should contact your workplace insurance plan to see what is covered. If your plan also includes a healthcare spending account, you may be able to use those funds to offset some of the cost of your procedure. At present OHIP does not cover LASIK.

Keep an eye out for special offers

Corvue is always working to find ways to make LASIK more affordable for our patients. That’s why we periodically provide special offers for additional savings on LASIK. Keep an eye on our site to learn about all our latest offers.


Book a free, no-pressure consultation today to save $800 on your procedure. We'll also discuss financing options to help you find the best way to get clear vision sooner!