The Hidden Values Behind LASIK

The rather obvious advantage of LASIK is the freedom from glasses and contacts and improved quality of life. But there are a lot of hidden values behind LASIK that might not factor into your decision-making process.

You might hear, “LASIK is a no-brainer,” from advocates of the procedure. Sure, but what exactly does that mean? What are the real-world, tangible benefits of LASIK? 

LASIK will save you time

You know what they say about time; it’s more valuable than money (you can get more money, but you cannot get more time). So it’s essential to do what we can to save precious time. LASIK can save the time you spend looking for your glasses or contacts, putting your glasses or contacts on, cleaning your glasses or contacts, ordering them, and the list goes on and on.


As a former contact-wearer (pre-LASIK days), I can attest to all the above being true. I spent so much time cleaning my contacts repeatedly because a speck of dust would ruin everything. Or I would drop a contact on the floor, only to clean it all over again.


Another timewaster for contact wearers is the application of lubricating drops. You must consistently apply hydrating eye drops while wearing contacts if you have dry eyes. This is because contact lenses absorb tears, and prolonged use can lead to dry eye.


Even if you buy the most expensive daily-wear contacts that are made to lock in hydration and achieve that “no lens” feel. You will still need some hydrating relief. But that is just my personal experience!

LASIK can boost your confidence

Okay, that’s a big claim to make about LASIK. But if you wear your glasses most of the time, you might feel like they create a barrier between you and the rest of the world. Glasses can make some people feel self-conscious, possibly inhibiting their social interactions. There’s some psychology behind this, as Dr. Neil Handley, the curator of the British Optical Association Museum at the College of Optometrists, frames it, “If the eyes are the window into somebody’s soul, glass wearers are putting some obstruction in the way.”


Similarly, if you wear glasses, LASIK can boost your physical attractiveness. Ditching the glasses allows the world to see your beautiful face! There’s some science behind this one as well. Several studies investigated the effect of wearing eyeglasses on measures of attractiveness. The studies showed significantly higher ratings for all domains of pictures without glasses compared to the same images with glasses.


On the contrary, glasses can undoubtedly give you a different look and are a fun way to play with your style. If you like the way you look in glasses, there’s no reason you can’t get some non-prescription or blue-light lenses to have in your back pocket.

LASIK can protect your eye health

Another bold statement; let me explain. If you wear contact lenses, you’re at a greater risk of contracting eye infections. If a contact lens doesn’t sit properly on the cornea's surface, or if dirt or other particles get underneath the lens, corneal abrasion can result. Corneal abrasions can allow bacteria and viruses in and cause eye infections, which can impact your vision long-term. Another great reason to ditch your contacts and get LASIK!

LASIK will save you money, hunny!

Lastly, LASIK will save you all the money you spend on prescription lenses and eyewear. It depends on your age, where you buy your glasses or contacts, and how often you replace them, so it comes down to a custom calculation we’ve formulated here.


You might already know your annual expenditure on glasses and contacts (don’t forget to include contact solution!), so you multiply your total annual spending by the number of years until you turn 70. We picked 70 because that’s when many people stop wearing contacts and may have vision changes. That puts things into perspective.


Of course, long-term savings (monetary and non-monetary) don’t’ put money in your pocket today. If you can’t afford to pay for LASIK all at once, we offer flexible financing through Medicard.

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