Why Is LASIK So Expensive?

LASIK is a no-brainer when it comes to freedom from glasses and contacts. But the price tag can be daunting for a lot of people. Reframing the price tag as an investment in your quality of life can help you see things a little clearer (no pun intended). 

What Makes LASIK So Expensive

LASIK eye surgery is a complicated procedure using advanced technology to make precise adjustments to the eyes. The exact price can depend on a mix of things, including:


  • The level of vision correction required – depending on your prescription, you may pay more or less than another patient. This discrepancy is because patients with higher preoperative prescriptions have a greater likelihood of requiring an enhancement, or there may be more preparation needed to correct for any extraneous variables affecting a patient's vision.


  • The type of technology used in the procedure – LASIK has been around for a while, but technology has advanced considerably since the blade or microkeratome. The latest and greatest technology is blade-free, called the iLASIK system, which includes the Intralase femtosecond laser. There are a lot of advantages to this type of technology, including safety, customization, and decreased healing time.


  • Preoperative consults and post-operative visits – a trustworthy laser vision correction provider will conduct a comprehensive preoperative examination to get all the required measurements and information required for your procedure. These consults will also require expensive technology and equipment that factor into the price tag of LASIK as well. The post-operative visits will ensure your vision is improving as expected and stable.


  • The surgeon's experience – it goes without saying that you should want an experienced corneal surgeon operating on your precious eyes. Knowing their background, experience, and patient testimonials will help you decide. The more experienced surgeons might charge a little more, just as you would expect in any other situation.

Ways to Ease the Financial Cost of LASIK

So now you know what goes into the price of LASIK, but you might be wondering if there are ways to make it more accessible and financially feasible. Luckily, many treatment centres have payment plans available if you don't have a lump sum readily available for payment.


Flexible financing plans allow you to spread the cost of the procedure over a specified term that works for you and your bank account. Corvue, for example, offers terms of up to 5 years with low-interest rates and high approval rates. Financing doesn't need to be complicated, so we've ensured the process is simple and seamless.


Alternately, many insurance providers offer partial coverage for vision correction as a component of their vision care plan. Health care spending accounts can also help offset the cost of laser vision correction. To explore these options, be sure to contact your employer's benefits representative; you might be pleasantly surprised!


Everyone's situation is unique, so be sure to ask about costs during your free consultation at Corvue.


Book a free, no-pressure consultation today to save $800 on your procedure. We'll also discuss financing options to help you find the best way to get clear vision sooner!