Is LASIK Affordable? 3 Ways to Help with Cost

Unless you’re Mr. Money Bags and have $5,000 to spend at will, you might be looking for ways to make LASIK more affordable. Not to worry! There are some things you can do to help ease the financial burden.

Cost is the number one thing that keeps LASIK candidates from booking their procedure. And that’s fair; LASIK isn’t very accessible or affordable when you look at the price tag. But in the end, it’s an investment in yourself and your quality of life.


Have you ever splurged on something fancy and out of reach? How did you feel afterward? Buyer’s remorse usually sets in quickly after the novelty of a shiny new object wears off. How about booking a trip to somewhere you’ve never been? How did that feel? In most cases, it’s worth it for the experience and the memories.


While you wouldn’t equate the LASIK procedure to a memory-filled adventure, you can guarantee you’ll love the results after the fact and the freedom from glasses or contacts. Okay, enough with the analogies; let’s get into the money-saving tips.

3 Ways to help with the cost of lasik

1. Check with Your Insurance for Coverage (and Your Spouse’s)

Be sure to check with your insurance policy for LASIK coverage and discounts. Most insurance companies in Canada don’t cover LASIK because it’s considered cosmetic or elective surgery (not medically necessary). But you should have some form of a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) you could pull from. A Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) is a health and dental benefit feature often compared to a bank account.


Check with your spouse’s plan to see if you can double up on savings. Perhaps you can pull from their Health Care Spending Account (if they’re cool with it!).


2. Take Advantage of Your LASIK Provider’s Financing Plan

Most LASIK clinics offer low-interest financing spread out over a payment term. This is a great way to divide LASIK’s costs into smaller, digestible payments. Yes, it amounts to yet another bill, but every time you see it come out of your account, you don’t have to feel guilty about it because LASIK’s one of the best things you ever did!


Corvue’s financing plan is great because the application process is quick and easy. Most applications are quickly approved for funding while you’re at the clinic! Corvue also offers flexible payment terms from 6 months to 6 years, with monthly payments as low as $50! Check out just how easy it is to apply here.


3. Be on the Lookout for Other Discounts

Advertised promotions and discounts for LASIK don’t exactly sit well when you think about it. Low price tags make you wonder about the quality of the procedure, including the technology used, the experience of the surgeon, and more.


Some clinics, however, can be flexible with price while not outright advertising it. If you consult with them and explain your situation, they might be able to offer some wiggle room. Hey, it never hurts to ask!


Some LASIK providers offer corporate discounts. If your employer is a corporate partner of the clinic, then you could be eligible for a discount. Speak with your company’s employee benefits representative to find out!

Hopefully, these tips will help you make your LASIK procedure a reality. Financing should never hold you back from clear vision!