How to Make LASIK Affordable Without Skimping on Quality

While today's technology has made LASIK more inclusive than ever before, many people still get scared off by the price tag. In fact, technological advancements have made the procedure more affordable. That's not to say the cost is a drop in the bucket. But there are quick and easy ways to make LASIK more affordable without skimping on quality!

If you've been researching LASIK, you might see ads that offer "LASIK for as low as $500 an eye!". If these ads seem enticing to you, stop, and ask yourself if eye surgery is something you want to buy at a considerable discount. These clinics are often able to offer these discounts because they prioritize quantity over quality.

Don't skimp on quality when it comes to LASIK

If you're considering LASIK, you do not want to sacrifice quality in the procedure, surgeon, or clinic. It helps to understand what goes into the procedure. The cost of LASIK is made up of many important factors:


  • The level of vision correction required
  • The type of technology used in the procedure
  • Preoperative consults and post-operative visits
  • The surgeon's experience (very important!)


We recommend reading about these factors in more depth here. This will help you understand what goes into the procedure and illustrate LASIK's value.


A decision to make permanent changes to your vision isn't one to enter into lightly. You have to do the research, meet the surgeon, and ask pointed questions. If you need help with some questions, read our post for an extensive list of ideas.

Financing to make LASIK more affordable

Cutting to the chase, the best way to make LASIK more affordable is to look into your provider's financing plan. Skittish around the idea of financing? A credit check and another payment to make every month? Let's deconstruct it to make it more digestible.


But I don't want a credit check…

Knowing the difference between a soft credit check and a hard credit check is helpful.


A soft credit check is done for reasons other than to evaluate you for a new credit product, and they do not impact your credit score. For example, a soft credit check might be done as a step in an employment or rental housing application.


On the other hand, a hard credit check is to evaluate you for a new credit product and will impact your credit rating and score. Just one inquiry wouldn't have a significant impact on your credit rating. But if you start filling out a bunch of credit applications, this will signal to lenders that you might be under financial pressure and would have a greater impact on your rating.


So, if you do apply for financing for LASIK, it would be considered a hard credit check. But as long as you're not filling out a bunch of credit applications, you don't have to worry.


Have no credit history? That's okay too. You can have a co-signer with an established credit history help you out (like a caregiver).


I can't stomach another high monthly payment

Understandable. But you can lower your monthly payment by extending your term. Corvue, for example, offers payment terms as short as 6 months to 6 years!


If you can put a deposit down, that will help lower your monthly payments as well. But no pressure, it's up to you!


If you want an estimate of your monthly payments, be sure to use our handy LASIK savings calculator:


Don't credit applications take a long time to get approved?

Not so! You can obtain approval for financing almost immediately. Many approvals are given while the patient is still at the service provider's office.


I'm worried about interest rates…

Of course, interest rates are of particular concern right now due to inflation and the Bank of Canada's efforts to control it. Unfortunately, that is attributed to the natural rise and fall of economic growth over time. But rest assured, Corvue's interest rates are very competitive.

Hopefully, this post helped to ease your concerns around financing for LASIK. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out. And if you're ready to invest in clear vision, congratulations!